Singular-embedding and groups

When I singular-embed a one-to-one reference (i.e. an extension) and specify a Frontend.Extension.Group tag, the fields from the extension table are put into a common group when embedded in the parent table singular form.

However, my extension table has a singular-embedded detail, and this is not put into the group---it is embedded outside it, making it look as if it is not part of the extension. Is it possible to get this detail Notebook to appear inside the group as well, without undue customisation? I think it ought to by default---it seems natural that all the elements of the extension table form are placed within the group, not just the "simple" ones.

Moreover, this transitively embedded detail Notebook appears at the very bottom of the form, not necessarily together with the rest of the embedded extension. Is is possible to do anything about this?

Singular-Embedding Extension Details

Hi Jon,

Unfortunately, the way the structuring engine works, the embedded details will all be placed into the same notebook for a given elaboration. I believe there was some movement in the direction of being able to specify the notebook into which a given detail would be placed, but that never made it off the drawing board. The only workaround I can think of is to use a Frame instead of directly embedding the extension in the parent table derivation.

Hope this helps,
Bryn Rhodes
Database Consulting Group LLC