SequenceColumn behaves strangely

I have a SequenceColumn in a Grid whose Source has an expression with the attributes { BarcodePrefix, VariableNr, VariableID, VariableName }. The keys are { BarcodePrefix, VariableNr } and { BarcodePrefix, VariableID }. The source is a detail to the main source of the form, connected by BarcodePrefix.

Now for the problem: in the SequenceColumn's Script, I am only able to refer to AAbove and AToRow.VariableNr. References to AToRow.BarcodePrefix, AToRow.VariableID and AToRow.VariableName causes an "Unknown identifier" error. So do references to AFromRow.BarcodePrefix, AFromRow.VariableID and AFromRow.VariableName. And strangest of all: References to AFromRow.VariableNr causes this error:

'The identifier "AFromRow.VariableNr" is ambiguous between the following identifiers: "AFromRow.VariableNr", "AFromRow.VariableNr".


SequenceColumn's Script

Unfortunately, the parameter's that are passed when executing the Script, are:

"AFromRow." + LColumn.Name
"AToRow." + LColumn.Name

...where LColumn is the column referenced by the Column property of the SequenceColumn.

I too would expect AFromRow and AToRow to be row parameters containing all attributes of the Source. I see no reason they couldn't be. Unfortunately I can't think of a work-around to obtain the other part of the key. :-( I suppose you could build your own descendant sequence column using the DEDK.

Nathan Allan [DCG]

Column property?

I don't understand. SequenceColumn has no Column property in Dataphoria, only Image, Script, Title, Visible and Width. Alphora.Dataphor.Frontend.Client.Windows.SequenceColumn does have a Column property, the value of which seems to have the declared type Alphora.Dataphor.DAE.Client.Controls.GridColumn and the actual type Alphora.Dataphor.DAE.Client.Controls.SequenceColumn, but neither of these has a Name property.

And in any case, this does not explain why my reference to AFromRow.VariableNr fails with that senseless error message.

And yes, when the help/explanation field of the Properties pane for the Script property of SequenceColumn says "The source row [...] values are available as AFromRow.XXX [...]", I do expect this to be the case. :)

PS. Are you hosting the DEDK as well? Alphora doesn't respond to e-mails.


Yes, the DEDK is available on the FTP site as well.

Bryn Rhodes
Database Consulting Group LLC